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    In 2021, Richmond Lavenderland, The First lavender farm in the Greater Vancouver area has opened in our beautiful home in Richmond, British Columbia.Richmond Lavenderland is an 8 Acres leisure farm, including some agricultural facilities and 7 Acres lavender farm. 

    To create a better, cleaner, and greener environment, we take the Eco-Friendly “Natural Farming” approach to grow all our lavenders. Not only do we provide our flowers with the best natural environment for their growth, but our products are all eco-friendly with outstanding quality to optimize our envisions for a sustainable future.

    Our goal is to bring happiness and tranquility to our community.  We believe that Richmond Lavenderland is the perfect place for kids to celebrate nature, for people to find peace, and for families to enjoy each other’s company.  ​

    We sincerely invite you to Ricmond Lavenderland to explore the beauty lying within our farm for a lovely day out with your loved ones.  

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