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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the full-bloom season?

    • Late June to End of October: French Lavender

    • Late June to mid-August: Superblue "True" English Lavender 

    • Early July to mid-September: Melissa, Grosso Lavender​

  • Are dogs allowed?

    • ​Unfortunately, we have a No Pets Policy on the farm. We kindly ask you to find someone to look after them for your day at the farm.

  • Is the farm wheelchair-friendly?

    • Yes! We use gravel and sand for our farm walkways. We advise you use the outdoor wheelchair during your visit.​

  • Are you selling any lavender products (ex. soaps, lotion)?

    •  Yes, we are selling lavender kombucha, essential and hydrosol (for dilution). We are also selling personal care products that uses our essential oils and hydrosols.​​

  • Are drones allowed?

    • Drones are not permitted.​

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