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Superblue Lavender

Superblue Lavender is also called the “True Lavender”

and it is currently the most abundant English lavender species at Lavenderland.


Superblue Lavenders are low-growing shrubs with grey-green foliage and deep blue flowers.  


Superblue Lavender can promote relaxation, reduce stress, and help with insomnia.  

It is also edible and can be used for baking and cooking purposes. 


Mid-June to mid-August


Superblue Lavender is commonly featured in essential oils. It has soothing effects that can promote sleep quality. Superblue Lavender essential oils are often used during SPA and massage practices.  


Dried Superblue Lavender buds can be used in baking or lavender tea. For more information about Superblue Lavender bakery items, please check our baking demonstration. 


Lavender Gelato by Sweet Surrender Gelato


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Lavender Lemonade Kombucha by Culture Craft

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